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03 GAGT LX9 and Getrag F-23 swap!

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  • 03 GAGT LX9 and Getrag F-23 swap!

    well i got rid of my old GA last aug or so and have been on the hunt for a solid shell ever since and after looking at multiple rust buckets i found me a 30th!

    136km(86 miles) if anyone is interested in this motor/trans

    some plans are

    -LX9 engine swap
    -F23 Getrag swap
    -6 puck clutch
    -S&S Headers
    -2.5" full exhaust
    -65mm TB
    -Corvette front brake swap
    -Canuck springs for now, gonna try and mess around with a custom coilover setup
    -28# Injectors
    -HP Tuners

    i forgot to start this thread here so heres a bunch of updates

    some of the parts waiting to go in

    SC/T hood #2 and you can see my 5spd/4cyl N-body subframe that ill be using in the reflection

    to replace this clearcoat peeling POS lol

    well finally managed to get some time with the car
    this was on the front

    half way through


    just about tucking

    picked up some Eagle Alloy 077s in 18x8, the guy sandblasted the polished finish so gotta figure out a color scheme for them

    well sold my hood and had to test fit those rims to get a visual of everything, still cant decide on a color though

    much better with no clear coat peeling

    and up to date now!

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    Looking good! I would blak out the wheels my self
    1999 Olds Alero 2.4 to 3500 swap (running). totaled by a honda
    1992 lumina 4 door 3500 3spd auto 15.020 @93.5 mph
    1984 Cavalier type 10 hatch 3100 5spd!!!
    14.96@91.47 in the 1/4
    9.63@74.36 in the 1/8th
    14.30 on slicks! scrapped due to rust!


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      Very nice!
      2000 Chevrolet Malibu LS (LX9-F23 swap soon!) Slowly acquiring parts!


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        Neat! Did not know the cradle was different from auto to manual trans. What muffler is that?
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        2001 Oldsmobile Alero GLS Coupe 3.4L 134k Redfire Metallic-blown up and dented. Major rehab in store-H.O. V6 swap, fresh body and other goodies...
        1999 Oldsmobile Alero GLS 3.4L 184k Gold Metallic-bone stock, soon to be daily driver, 16's and leather
        2001 Oldsmobile Alero GL 3.5L 78k Redfire Metallic-stock swap, TCE 65mm TB, Delphi 28# injectors, more later
        1999 Oldsmobile Alero GL 3.4L 203K Black-bone stock, drilled/slotted front rotors, killed 4 deer and a Geo--RIP 5.23.12


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          Ya there slightly different for the trans mount, running the 4cyl/5spd subframe saves me from making a rear mount for the F23! Just need to tap 3 holes on the trans then stock N-body mount bolts up. Muffler is stock for the 30th, it's Borla tips from factory


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            Dude, the F-23 is out of the G6 aint it? or is it the standard 2.2L cavy one?


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              I'm running the J-body F23


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                I debagded and blacked out a few things the other day, also painted the red on the front pontiac logo black

                and also picked up some Speedbuilt swaybars!

                This is what im doing with those rims, still have to finish the rest of them but they are getting there!


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                  went with a rather crazy color

                  haven't had time to work on the car yet as my jimmy needed a lot more work then i first expected and now have a blazer in the garage that I need to finish up but did go grab some parts for the build another F23, custom front trans mount, HP tuned PCM with LX9/5spd file on it.... if your wondering why another F23 it's cause this one has a LSD and already drilled/tapped for the N-body rear mount!

                  Hoping to get the car under the knife soon and completed for May of this year


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                    Keep it up
                    14.63@92.9 -Full LX9 with CAI, 65MM TB, 2.5in DP, Borla Cat-Back, Crappy tires, Quick tune (Dyno Soon)


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                      Dude that is slick, Well done!

                      You go to Cayuga at all in the summer?
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                      2000 Chevrolet Malibu LS (LX9-F23 swap soon!) Slowly acquiring parts!


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                        not really, Grand Bend and Sparta are so close to me lol


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                          Hopefully we can meet up in Sparta sometime man!
                          2000 Silvermist GL2 Sedan w/ LX9 3500 V6

                          Current performance mods: TCE 65mm throttle body, ported 3400 upper intake manifold, ported 3500 lower intake manifold and heads, WOT-Tech Strip performance cam 276/264 adv duration .536"/.520" lift , COMP Cams 26915 Valve Springs, 28# Trailblazer Injectors, TOG headers, LS1 MAF, MMS Walbro 255 LPH Fuel Pump, Custom PCM tune and 4th Gen Camaro front calipers


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                            Hopefully! Other vehicles have been putting my projects on hold

                            finally got some time to work on my own stuff so started prepping my LX9

                            quick test fit of the J-body F23 and N-body 5spd frame

                            bought wire wheels for grinder and POR15 for rusty ass frame

                            found decent size hole in frame

                            poked around more and bigger hole

                            Did a search in local junkyards and could only find 2 5spd subframes at a price of $200, searched for another 5spd parts car and no luck so.....

                            cut and coat the inside

                            new metal! will finish it off tomorrow then coat in POR15 and then some good updates should be coming soon I hope


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                              lil set back, but dont let it get you down in the dumps. Tryin to over come some set backs myself recently. I swear time speeds up when ya try and get stuff done. lol
                              Lifting my front wheels, one jack at a time.