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03 GAGT LX9 and Getrag F-23 swap!

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    Grand Prix gxp rotors on kijiji
    2000 Chevrolet Malibu LS (LX9-F23 swap soon!) Slowly acquiring parts!


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      Originally posted by carbon View Post
      Excellent! Love the early AL control arms too...
      Thanks, what a bitch those were to polish

      Originally posted by Maple Leaf View Post
      Thanks man, but finishing my rear brake upgrade is the last thing on my mind right now lol

      3" turbo back, charge pipes, and wastegate plumbing arrived as well as my intercooler

      Was hoping to get the DP passed the subframe but I couldn't remove/install it if it was any longer then what it is now


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        TCE 1.25" phenolic intake spacers

        Hood didn't close lol

        the culprit

        will clean this up later

        mounted my intercooler as high as it would go between the crash bar...

        this bump was getting in the way of going higher

        much better!

        charge pipes!


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          So I spent some time finishing off my last charge pipe and came up with this contraption

          which put my MAF down here

          Not even 24hrs later and I chopped off half of that charge pipe and started from scratch though lol but happier with the placement of things, I'll grab some pics later when it's not so dark in the garage


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            This should be better, might still mess with a small section of the charge pipe by the TB bracket

            Decided to get a new wastegate to get a much smaller design and v-bands, also went with 44mm VS the 38mm Emusa

            Going to be sitting something like this, still need to cut that pipe down a bit


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              if youd like to sell the purple one let me know.

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              11.92 @ 122 MPH 3400 91 Cavalier Z24 Intercooled S/C. -totalled-
              10.56 @ 130 MPH 3900 LZ9 87 IROC Z28 Intercooled GT4088 Turbo


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                Might as well update this I guess, it at least give me a nice "journal" of my build lol

                Got my drive train out a little while ago

                Inspected my "stage 3" ebay clutch and rather happy with it after 16,000+kms with no proper break in and beating the shit out of it

                drilled my pan for oil drain, thought I could get away with a nut and loctite but not enough thread showing

                So dropped it off at a local shop that I use for my TIG welding(Re-Speed) and some beauty cars out front

                Last year I lost my steering rack tabs.... NOT this year or anytime soon lol 1/8" plate on both sides

                Lifted fuse box 1" and relocated wires from the front out the back

                last year I had some TERRIBLE traction issues the 2 times i hit the track... Got a closer look at my poly rear mount and damn?

                New one is here so little fire with the old lol

                GTP 36# inectors/connections and my PCM flashed for them thanks to Scott!

                ohh and got myself a WOT-Box for some 2-step launch control and no lift shift


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                  3" downpipe, wanted it to be 1 piece but wasn't happening

                  Girlfriend painting all the exhaust parts with some POR-20 heat paint

                  Some heat management

                  Quick clean to make sure no debris was inside

                  Notch for oil return

                  Screamer pipe


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                    Words can't describe how much I ****ing love this thing! Lol

                    Quick driving video


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                      2 stage colder plugs, and a fresh oil change before the weekends activity...

                      Scott came down in his 3100 turbo swapped chev to work on my tune.... which feels great!!!

                      For some reason the front tires went bald a lot quicker then the rear? lol

                      3pc wheels followed me home yesterday, now I can go back to 245 tires

                      The new tune Scott did really feels good too, hitting 79% duty cycle on those GTP injectors though if I remember right other people running them were around 300whp when maxing them out?


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                        Which plugs are you running?
                        You may or may not know 10 times what i do.
                        ASE Master certified. Just means I can take tests. GM ASEP Graduate.
                        95' Z26, ported/cammed 3400/3500, OBD2, 282, T3T4. Boxes almost all empty..


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                          AC Delco R42LTS gapped at .035

                          and if anyone's curious I'm at 8psi right now