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3400 hybrid and 96 grand am rwd conversion

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  • 3400 hybrid and 96 grand am rwd conversion

    I have a 3400/3500 hybrid I just rebuilt from my 3400 swapped grand am gt. Im converting the car to rear wheel drive, as the factory rear twist beam suspension will easily allow this. what rwd transmission do you guys think would be the best candidate? also will the engine mount brackets from the 3.4l block fit the 3400 if I tap some of the existing holes?

    the flywheel I have is from a 99 2.2l cavalier and clutch kit from a 94 cavalier v6. 9 1/8" diameter 14 spline, 1" input shaft

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    Auto or manual? Auto you could use 700r4, or 4l60e with a s10 bellhousing, manual could use s10 t5, rodeo aisin (maybe starter on wrong side) pretty much whatever will bolt to a 2.2 s10 bellhousing.

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