3500 from a junkyard approx 3k miles if I remember correctly
stock crank (steel)
stock rods
stock pistons
CR with gen 2 heads yields 10.8:1
WOT camshaft 280.6/283.8 duration seat to seat, 225/227.6 duration @.050", .565/.526" lift w/ 1.5 rockers, 111 ICL, 111 LSA


GM gen 2 aluminum heads
Katech ported; 223 int, 168 exh cfm at .500 lift
Crane Gold race 1.5 rockers
Custom length pushrods.
Schneider dual valve springs
Titanium retainers
Modified gen 2 valve covers for breathers/oil fill

Custom cast ITB setup modified for EFI
Custom sheet metal aluminum plenum (350ish ci)

IMG_0041.1.jpg IMG-20120213-00479 (Medium).jpg IMG01046-20110411-1954 (Medium).jpg V__5C45 (Medium).jpg