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Where to get a Cam belt tensioner

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  • Where to get a Cam belt tensioner

    I have had a failure of the Cam tensioner Hyd Assy. The rubber boot has a hole in it and leaks causing a skip of the Cam Timing belt. Does anyone know were I can get a new one? One one seems to have this parts any more!

    Help Please!

    Joe Sokol
    1996 3.4 (LQ1) in an 1985 Fiero

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    check rockauto, part numbers:

    T41209. should come up with either an ACDelco or Gates tensioner... runs around $80...
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      Thanks but wrong part

      Thanks for the reply. I looked up the part and it is the belt tensioner Pulley. What I need is the Spring Loaded Hydraulic actuator that keeps the pulley tensioned against the belt. Can't find a new one anywhere!

      Joe Sokol


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        GM still makes it. Your dealer will have it or can order it. I bought one for $70 from a Chevy dealer a few months ago when mine went out. They even had it in stock.
        Jesse M.

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          Thanks for the info I will check with my local Chevy dealer. I had looked on the internet without any luck.

          Joe Sokol


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            Hydraulic assembly???

            The one on my engine is spring-loaded. There's some oil in it, but it's not there to provide hydraulic pressure.

            First Guess: Something else is wrong.

            (I'll have to look at the service manual on this...seems very odd.)
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