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  • Spark Issue

    My 3.4 DOHC has a stripped spark plug hole on the passenger side end of the rear bank. The plug worked itself loose and when it got near the end of the threads the motor blew the plug out of the hole. I tried to install a new plug but it just keep turning in the hole and will not tighten. I tried to get a thread chaser down the hole in order to clean up the threads and hopefully be able to put a new plug in there successfully but the thread chaser won't fit down the tube with a socket attached to it. Any other ideas out there short of pulling the head off of the motor? Thanks
    1995 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 3.4L DOHC

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    Unfortunatly you're going to have to pull the head. Not only will not much fit down the hole but it will also be hard not to get metal shavings in the bore. After the head is pulled you could try using a heli coil but there are no garratees it will hold up..Good luck.


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      Sucky! best bet would to be pull the head and fix it correctly the 1st time... don't want to fudge it up any worse.
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