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Swapped 3.4DOHC wants to die when shifting

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    I have to figure out where to look in TunerPro to see the counts. Haven't looked yet.


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      I finally got around to trying this: I pulled the D connector on the ECM. D22 is supposed to have a signal from the clutch switch in a manual tranny car.
      I took one if the VOM probes and stuck it in D22 and put the other probe to ground. Turned the ignition switch on and pushed the clutch pedal. Nothing. I made sure I had the VOM right and tried another ground point. Still nothing when the clutch was pushed.
      I was told that the neutral safety switch that lets the engine know it is safe to start is not the same switch.
      So can anyone give me an idea of where to look for the right one? I need to know if it was even installed. Or where to put it if it wasn't.


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        there are actually two switches controlled by the clutch pedal, as you've been told. the clutch anticipate switch is used by the ECM and cruise module and changes from grounded to not grounded very early in the pedal travel, while the starter safety switch requires you to have the pedal almost completely on the floor to operate the starter.

        of course, that's how the pedal is setup in a W-body, it may be different for a fiero.

        with the pedal up, the circuit(while connected to the ECM) should have 0 volts on it. with it depressed, there should be roughly battery voltage present on the circuit.
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          The Fiero that this swap is in does not have cruise control. I do have another Fiero that does have cruise control. I'll look at that one to see how it is setup.
          Thanks for the info. Slowly learning my way around it.
          Just a lot of other things taking time away from this at the moment.


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            Got the anticipate switch installed. Still wants to die.
            Downloaded TunerPro RT and set it up. Did a log file that I sent off to Ryan at Sinister Performance. He tells me that the engine is running rich until I depress the clutch pedal. When the engine rpm's drop the engine goes lean. That's when it dies.
            So he's working on a new tune for the car.
            A side effect should be better gas mileage. It's running rich.