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Need some help with fuel and Ign maps

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  • Need some help with fuel and Ign maps

    I am installing a 93 Z34 Lumina TDC in a Fiero (again), and this time it is going in with a megasquirt 3 with the optional board. I was wondering if anybody had any information (beyond what is on the DIY site and Tunerstudio website) on a starting point. I would really like to see if anybody has done a MS with 3.4TDC, and get a good starting point for the programming. I will be installing it with an integrated Wide-Band O2 sensor, and will be using stock GM sensors. The TDC is un-modified, and will be attached to an Isuzu 5 speed FWD.

    Can anybody help me out?
    TDC 87 Fiero GT 5spd
    03 VW GTI VR6 6spd
    87 Pontiac TA GTA 409sbc
    90 RX-7 convertable 383sbc 5 spd
    79 Malibu 355sbc