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    Don't get me wrong, I'm one of those guys who think 99% of additives for "quick-fixs" are all garbage. But.....

    The other day I had one of the auto part stores commercial reps walk into my shop. I got a free bottle of K&W Fiber-lock Head gasket repair.
    For those of you who don't remember, last x-mas I had a t-stat lock up and popped a head gasket. I bought the parts to fix it but never got around to doing it. So I figured, "what the hell, can't make it worse, right?"
    So the failure ain't too huge, it overheats when under-load and you can watch the pressure build at idle, it smokes like a destroyer covering a beach for an assault, and after you let it sit for a while it would develop a miss till it cleared the cylinder with coolant in it.
    So I read the directions, sucked some coolant out, shook well, opened this green bottle to find what looked and smelled like grey chunky vomit, and poured half of it in as directed. Started the car and topped off system.

    It freakin' worked! I am rather amazed. Again, for me this is temporary. At least I get to drive her again, till i have time to do the repair right. I will say, I am VERY Leary about getting on the gas. I've let her unwind once or twice but nothing more then 1 gear change.

    That's it, shes on the road again, till this fails, or the snow comes.
    sigpicHow to make High performance Emissions:
    A "true" High flow converter, straight pipe.
    Low/No flow EGR valve, block off plate.
    Carbon canister and purge valve mod, place in large 30 Gallon can, cover, and place curbside, the city will do the rest.
    PCV valve and vent tube, reroute to exhaust to dump where it belongs, on the ground. Or add breathers and let it all free.

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    Tough old bitch ain't it?
    Let me know if you want shed of it...
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    If you are driving a Chevy, everything else, is just a blur. 3.4 Carbon Footprint.