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Rear Leaf Springs

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  • Rear Leaf Springs

    I'm sure this had been touched on but i can't find it. I got a 92 Z34 with a sagging ass. Not sexy at all. I was looking on ebay and saw what looks like 2 different pads. White ones by Moog and black ones by Loctite. Are they different designs of the same item or different functions. I wanna get back to original height but also noticed the ends of the leaf seems to be wearing. I did find some mention of Flex-form. Anybody know the ratio info on the springs in case i go that route?

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    the white blocks are a hard plastic and people have been seeing the ends of the leaf wear while using them. the black rubber pads are what the factory used. if you have a lot of sag going on, you may be able to get away with both, but that feels like a temporary solution to me.
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      The black rubber pads are not "by Loctite". They use an adhesive made by Loctite. Far as I know, the pads are made for Dorman. These rubber pads protect the spring. they're a high-wear item; the originals are commonly ruined.

      The white plastic blocks are a "lift kit", they'd raise the rear by the thickness of the blocks.
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