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3.4 DOHC Injector Replacements for PERF./BOOST?

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  • 3.4 DOHC Injector Replacements for PERF./BOOST?

    Can anyone shed some light on the type of injector that the 3.4DOHC has? They maybe different types from 91-97 based on TDC or DOHC after 95.

    Trying to figure out the type of injector impedience so that I have source OEM from other lines at the salvage yards to save money versus the High Performance Brand names ones.
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    Depending on the year of vehicle you'll have either

    Rochester - 17090844...'94 thru '96....21# high impedance ..12.6 ohms
    Rochester - 17103509...'91 thru '93....21#...should be high impedance (can't verify...ohm the injector contacts)
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      The OEM injectors are also a dual-spray deal, so that each of the two intake ports for each cylinder get an individual spray of fuel.

      I have heard that swapping in single-spray injectors doesn't seem to hurt power, though.
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        I ran 42lb injectors for a 3800 in my turbo LQ1 and it seemed to be fine. If you have Dual spray injectors obviously that would be best but seems to work just fine when tuned for the correct size in the ECU.
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