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Fairly New To The 60V6, Quite New To This Forum

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  • Futures Passed
    Yeah, I like having a smaller displacement car now that I have to pay for the gas. I actually rode in a GTP recently and it's a nice car, but it's quite a thirsty vehicle and the supercharger doesn't sound too pleasant.

    Today I went to a you-pick used auto parts/recycling yard and picked up a 3400 throttle body, since I read it has a larger bore. The place was quite big, but I only found one 3400 SFI engine before it began to rain, so me and my friend ripped it out and ran to the building.

    It's in so-so shape. Some of it is a little rusted, but nothing that won't clean up.

    I'm going to need a new gasket unless I can salvage the one off my stock one (currently on the vehicle). The one on here looked like it was in good shape until I tried to take it off.

    It appears that the part the throttle cable wraps around is shaped differently. The flucrum there would slow initial throttle degree changes; would this in any way affect the computer's actions based on the throttle positioning sensor? (It seems to use the throttle as a guide to how much performance I want out of the vehicle, and this may make it try to go fast while the throttle body opening isn't open enough for it to go fast yet.)

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  • bszopi
    Welcome! Always nice to see a newer style GP with a 60V6 instead of the 90V6.

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  • Fairly New To The 60V6, Quite New To This Forum

    Hello, I'm Steve. I discovered this place a while back when I started looking for parts for My 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix, and almost every search I made had this site in the results, so today I finally signed up. Most of the work I do to the car/engine is low budget, so I probably won't be too knowledgeable about problems with superchargers or engine swaps, but I understand the basics.