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  • New From North of The 49th. Parallel

    Hi everyone, as you can see by my username, I'm from Canada and into hot rodding (in a big way). Specifically, Markham Ontario which is a bit north of Toronto.

    As background, I'm the proprietor of and the organizer of The Canadian Hot Rod Tour. I'm not here in any business capacity simply as a newbie to the 60 deg. V6. (I'll explain why)

    In terms of cars, for the past dozen years, I've mainly been a 1932 Ford guy. I've had two 3-window coupes and two roadsters.

    One of the 3-windows and the current roadster were feature builds at the Canadian Rodder site. If you have time and are inclined some photos/specs of the cars are here:



    We (Canadian Rodder) are collaborating with a shop in Calgary Alberta (The Rod Shop) on another 1932 Ford 3-window project that is now on the internet with its own site:

    And Finally
    I'm also a bit of a nut for Volvo PV544's (had four of those over the years and am working on one as a project car now).

    This is where the 60 deg. V6 come in. Specifically a 3.4l crate

    You can see the progress on that car here:

    We will be introducing the 3.4 in the next article. Don't be surprised if I need help along the way

    That's about it for now. All the best........Frank

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    Welcome Frank and you will find a lot of good info and members here !!!


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      Thanks unchained. Appreciate the welcome.


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        Welcome! You are not alone, as there as plenty of Canadian members on here, several further north than you. On my phone right now, but will definitely check out your projects soon. All of them sound cool.

        Maybe we can get you hooked enough to put a 60V6 into one of the 32 Fords. Then I won't be along in the 'putting a GM V6 into a Ford' club.

        Brad via Tapatalk
        89 Mustang : Future 60V6 Power
        Follow the build ->


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          Welcome! keep us updated and feel free to ask questions!

          Its runs!!!>>>Aint No 60* Sound Like Me


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            Sweet looking cars, and welcome to the site
            -60v6's 2nd Jon M.
            91 Black Lumina Z34-5 speed
            92 Black Lumina Z34 5 speed (getting there, slowly... follow the progress here)
            94 Red Ford Ranger 2WD-5 speed
            Originally posted by Jay Leno
            Tires are cheap clutches...


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              nice rides! I've been tossing around the thought of building an old roadster with a 60v6 for a while now. Maybe some day.... lol
              Past Builds;
              1991 Z24, 3500/5 Spd. 275WHP/259WTQ 13.07@108 MPH
              1989 Camaro RS, ITB-3500/700R4. 263WHP/263WTQ 13.52@99.2 MPH
              Current Project;
              1972 Nova 12.73@105.7 MPH


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                Thanks for the welcomes guys. And, thanks for looking in on my stuff.

                The RWD 60 pushrod is a brand new animal to me/us as we're used to playing with small block Fords/Chevys, etc. I'm still discovering stuff after studying our crate engine. Like why the valve cover gasket is just hanging in the valley. I thought it was a sloppy install until I realized that the intake manifold (which isn't there) forms the top lip. Duh.

                In any case, this engine has that kind of old school pushrod look/feel to it and will work well in our theme and in the Volvo engine bay. I'll post some stuff in the near future about updates to the project involving the engine.

                All the best.


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                  Frank... welcome to 60V6. There's a lot of good info here. We make conversion kits to put the 60V6 into British cars. Great swap due to there compact size and decent performance. Although we primarily work with the aluminum head engines we do have customers using the iron head version. A few of our customers' cars are shown here:
                  MinusOne - 3100 - 4T60E
                  '79 MGB - LZ9 - T5