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Haven't been on in a long time. very pic heavy

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  • Haven't been on in a long time. very pic heavy

    I haven't been on here since I had my 1st GP. Since then I have sold my 1st GP and got a got a 01 GP a little over 3 years ago. Now I have 4 GP's.

    Current garage

    01 Grand Prix GT.
    Topswap, cam, headers, ssic, STG 3 FMHE, 3.1 pulley, builts trans, lowered, GMPP sway bars & STB's.

    Runs 12.7s@107mph

    96 Grand Prix SE.
    Bought as my daily driver a little over a year ago. HIDs, GTP hood, cat delete, Turbo mufflers, 04+ tips. Now has a bad rear head gasket. Plan on building a 200+ HP 3100 and 5 speed swap in the spring.

    Ran 17.3@80mph lol

    Loaded down with a few hundred pounds of camping equipment.

    90 Turbo Grand Prix
    Just bought it this fall for 1200$. 100% stock, I'm the 2nd owner 1st was an old lady, Hasn't seen the road since 2000. 123k miles.

    96 Grand Prix GTP.
    Just bought this one last week for 575$ with 143k miles. I am going to drive this for the winter and then sell it in the spring to fund the builds.

    And my parents have an 07 GP. Yes our neighbors think we are crazy.

    Just lowered it and let them use my rims for a while

    2001 Grand Prix Topswap GT-(12.71@107.92mph)
    1996 Grand Prix SE-(17.32@80.23mph) Turbo Project
    1990 Turbo Grand Prix-project restore

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    For the love of the car.

    Now the only thing that stands out is that gen2 SHO ready to hurt sombody feelings
    EveryDay: 2001 Alero 2.4 5-speed
    Hualer, Mpg? ROFL: 1984 Buick Electra Estate Wagon Fresh 3oh7 268h camming. OEM 84 2004r


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      That TGP looks amazing!

      1990 ASC/McLaren Turbo Grand Prix 3500 swap GT3076R turbo 40lb/hr injectors FMIC LX9 coils Megasquirt2 v3.0


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        Yeah, you are crazy!

        Its runs!!!>>>Aint No 60* Sound Like Me


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          Nice! I'd like a set of headlights on that first picture on my Grand Prix. Great find with that TGP, too.
          - Stephen Brand