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    Hey everyone,
    Just thought I would make an introductory thread.
    Owner of an 06 Maxx SS from Chicago.
    Joined this site because I am frustrated by lack real upgrade info available on the malibu/g6 forums.

    Here is my Maxx.
    Mods include: Intake, Catback exhaust, 93 octane pcm/tcm tune, Tires, Powerstop brake kit, Performance motor mounts, Upgraded poly/performance bushings/links/ends.
    300+lbs of weight reduction via lightweight exhaust, additional machining, seats, ballistic battery, and aluminum crash beams.



    I bought the car to better accommodate my young daughter and family and was disappointed with the lack of aftermarket that developed. My wife is ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with the car (we both have work vehicles so this is our weekend car) so unfortunately the excellent 'buy a g8/camaro/charger' advice isnt an option haha.

    I have a full wet nitrous kit with all the electronic safeties sitting in my garage and would love to get some advice on putting that in. I dont mind having to rebuild the tranny if/when that goes.
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    Welcome to the site, your Maxx is the only one I've seen here.
    95 Beretta 3100 with 3400 intakes and TCE TB
    High flow cat and a Magnaflow muffler
    Grand Prix trans with 3.33FDR