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  • Thank you!

    I want to express my sincere gratitude to the members of this community, while there is still much to be done on my wifes first car, a 91 pontiac sunbird 3.1, I'm happy to say I finally got it all back together and it's running nicely, without the nasty gushing oil leak from the old o ring on the oil pump distributor. I have not touched an engine in earnest for 30 years but I decided to take on this project myself because how much can you justify spending on labor for a 91 pontiac? I had already paid for new shocks struts, fuel pump and more, and I was told by my mechanic that it 'just isn't worth fixing this problem, it's time to get a new car...'. Thanks to the generous sharing of information and time from the members of this community I was able to navigate my way through, learn an awful lot about my car, and have a ton of fun doing it! Again I could not have done it without all of your help and I am grateful for it. Thank you!

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    Happy to help in a small way on this. That is really good news that it is alive and well!
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      Thanks, it's running great. I think my wife is in disbelief that I actually fixed the car! Lol


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        It's hard to believe someone would tell you to scrap a car over an o-ring that costs a couple bucks
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          It was $0.98 !!!


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            lol niice!
            Lifting my front wheels, one jack at a time.