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    Got my first 3.1 in a 1995 Corsica in 2010 for $500 with 146k, this car has/is my daily driver since then (now 244k). I put a new suspension, brakes, and full gasket kit ( with full fluid change) at 200k. This past week I came into a 1999 grand prix that was wrecked and the thought of swapping the 3.8 out for the 3.1 crossed my mind. I know a little about the cars but not enough so I figured that I would find some people that did.

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    Where in KS are you at? I'm in Topeka and might be able to lend a hand if you are close.
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      That is no small undertaking. It would require a harness and PCM swap, likely a transmission swap, an OBDII swap is likely. I think you have to fabricate a mount, too. But I am not sure about that.


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        You would have to fabricate every mount since none of the 3800 mounts match what was used in the L-body... Plus yes you would need a ECU swap to probably run it correctly.

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          New from Kansas

          A 3400 with upgraded heads and nice cam would be much more practical.