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Had some LED lights so why not use them?

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  • Had some LED lights so why not use them?

    I got a whole bunch of LEDs that I had leftover from my honda civic. So instead of them just sitting in a bag in the cabinet I thought might as well put some use to them. Liven up the yellow original light on the olds with some brighter and more whiter lighting. for the front footwells and rear trunk it was just pull out the old and plug in the new, just make sure the polarity is correct otherwise the LED will not light up. As for the rear maplights the LEDS was shorter so I just used my fingers and squeezed the two prongs until they were small enough to hold on the led capsules.
    After 5 bulbs replaced here are the pictures.

    bulb protrude a bit but doesn't affect anything

    front drivers and passenger

    both rear drivers and passenger

    rear drivers


    trunk led was just plug and play