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New member, the $200 Beretta.

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  • New member, the $200 Beretta.

    Joined Bnet a short while ago and have just been reading. Trying to get the car cleaned up. Bought the car to keep miles off the bike, however I have a problem of never leaving anything stock and I need something different that not many bother to dump money in to. So here I am.

    This car pretty much fell in to my lap. 101k miles and $200. Every car I get I will find myself a forum, I am still surprised customers of mine don't do the same (I work in Auto Parts). This car is still in questionable condition but I do have plans. For now I am trying to simply restore new life into it and have started with fixing all the neglect. The fan was hardwired to turn on and the temp gauge did not work, along with raw fuel in the exhaust as it was too rich. Replaced the Coolant Temp Sensor and fixed that. Replaced the belt, the original rusted plugs (gap was .080, seriously it was), original wires and O2 sensor. Fixed numerous vaccum leaks and replaced the PS pressure line (that was effing fun). Other than that all issues are mainly and LARGELY cosmetic, but hey every car deserves a second chance. ALl I know is the car sat in a field for 7 years and then moved to its previous owners who seemed like nice people but maybe with bad habits. This car is so rough I made a video on it. I look forward to interacting with you all and maybe turning this turd in to a polished bottle baby. Thats right, she is getting sprayed...eventually.

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