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1992 GMC Sonoma

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  • 1992 GMC Sonoma



    24.5 mpg 90% highway @ ~60mph

    supposedly has a 2" lift; if so, it will be removed

    its gonna be used for hauling my bands audio equipment when we tour the southeast and i gotta get it into top condition

    whats the best power/economy that these motors can put out? (both, that youve heard of, and have experience first hand)

    i understand there are different stock set-ups for these motors, which one is mine and what should i know about it


    general maintenance: whats gotta be done when?

    preventative maintenance: what should i do right now?

    generally how much does it cost for a full rebuild?

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    How many miles does it have on it?

    Mine, a 1991/1993 hybrid 2.8L with T5 manual transmission does 22.5mpg at 90% highway usage and 207Kmiles.

    I've replaced the power steering pump, fuel pump, and battery, and I've replaced the air conditioning compressor 6 times, all over the last 12 years.

    Fix it when it breaks. Don't fix it if it isn't broken. Can't tell you what you need to do until you can tell us what condition it's in. Get a Haynes/Chiltons manual, read it, and understand what tolerances the vehicle is to be held to, then assess your vehicle.


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      over 200k-miles, ill check the exact number later today

      I wasnt aware there were hybrids at that time, can you tell me more about it?

      At city speed the steering seems fine, but at highway speeds it is way too loose. If it is not a tie-rod issue, I was considering installing an underdrive pully or removing the power steering entirely; both to stiffen the controls as well as improve mileage

      It starts right up and pulls on release of clutch and can shift through the gears without adding any accelerator input, so I'm sure the fuel system is fine for now; though, it has no power to speak of (I havnt hauled a load yet, so I cant address tq)

      There is an issue with the AC, some kind of electrical bungle for the clutch control; it has to be wired manually to engage

      Over all it seems quite solid. The reason I ask about preventative maintenance, is due to the fact that my band will be traveling 3,000 miles for our tour of the south east US, and we cant afford any issues to arise during the event.

      Ill check the autoparts nextdoor to work for a manual in stock


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        By hybrid I don't mean electric, I mean built from two different trucks.

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          Oh hahaha

          I was mistaken, 166k. 200 must have been the Porsche

          It does have a 2" body lift.. Gotta take a closer look before I remove it

          No luck at the autoparts
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