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  • Back after 9 years - 95gtp

    Its been a very long time. I parked my 1995 GTP in the barn 9 years ago, it died and I left it in Maine and moved to NH. I am selling the place and towed it to home and plan on getting it running again. I don't see any of these anymore on the roads. The problem appears to be something in the vacuum system, thats where I am going to start anyways. I had some garage try to fix it back in 2008 and they threw a new computer and fuel pressure reg on it but it just didn't fix it. Right now it sits in my driveway waiting for better weather so I can get back to working on it.

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    Keep us posted!
    95 Z26 3400/OBDII/GETRAG


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      Can't wait to see pictures of it.


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        Its ALIVE again. Blew out the vacuum line to the vacuum canister and tightened the connection since it was right under the battery which I had to replace anyway. After replacing the battery I said what the hell and tried to crank it over. FIRST time and she started and ran perfectly, no knocks or stalling. The old oil leaks started to smoke when the manifold got hot so I let it cool down, Starting every time now. It still needs work before I get to drive it, the ABS light is on, and needs a good cleaning. Last registered in 2008 so I don't even dare to do a quick run up the street, local cops can be pricks. The paint has faded on the plastic molding over the wheels, and other places. Interior is dusty but everything works, HUD, trip computer, windows, and original radio. 127000 miles and many more left.