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allow myself to re-introduce........myself

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  • allow myself to re-introduce........myself

    well its been almost 10 years since ive been on this site. i used to have an 86z24 cavalier with a gen 1 2.8l. i built a fairly healthy engine for it, probe pistons, beam polished rods, comp 260h2 cam and valvetrain, ported heads, etc. im sure it was the only 1st gen cavalier ever to have headers and full dual exhaust. the car got written off in 2006, i swapped everything into another shell but it just wasnt the same and after a number of issues i parted the car out and bought a cobalt ss supercharged and have been driving that ever since. i also have a porsche 944 with a turbo 2.2l l61 ecotec.

    i still have that old 2.8l and have dreamed up some ideas of what i wanted to turn it into, but none of them had any practical use, at least till now. recently ive been bitten by the salt bug and ive decided i want to go land speed racing in bonneville. really the way to have fun and set records in bonneville is to figure out an unpopular combo and build a car to suit. im unsure of the car yet as im still in the early planning stages of a many years long project, but i do know whatever it is it will be powered by a wicked n/a 177 cubic inch 60 degree v6. right now im thinking gen 3 heads with the forged flat tops putting it over 12:1 compression, i found a very nice looking solid flat tappet cam thats good for 8500rpm, and a custom made individual throttle body intake manifold. at the same time im thinking about bottom end strength, beam polished factory rods and an external balance crank arent gonna be too happy at sustained high rpm, ive just run across some info on the lz4 3500 crank being the same stroke and being steel, so im interested in more info there.

    here are a couple pics of my old cavalier

    motor 2.jpg

    puddle 7.JPG
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