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  • Here's my intro

    I want to rebuild the V6 in my 82 Camaro that I've had for 35 years (I ordered it from factory on 2/11/81) to 300 hp without turbo. Is that possible? If not - how high can I get it? Can you guys point me to threads on here that can help me. I'm just a novice.
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    2.8 L v6 2bbl, man 4 spd


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      is it a 4 bolt or 2 bolt main?


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        is it impossible? no. is it practical? no.

        in a practical form you can build the motor up with a better cam, go to large valve iron heads and have them ported, aftermarket carb and intake, headers, etc and you could make 160-170hp. for a whole lot less money you could drop in a later camaro 3.4l v6 with a better intake and carb and make a little more power. essentially with a streetable setup, your not going to pass 200hp. the next option would be to build a hybrid engine. start with a camaro 3.4l bottom end, use 3400 pistons, and then a set of 3400 heads and intake, big cam, etc. this would mean going efi, would be best with an aftermarket computer. really if you want power from one of these engines your best bet is forced induction.

        for comparison, im looking to build an all out race engine to set a land speed record with, and im starting with a 2.8l. its going to be 13:1 compression or higher, running 110 octane race gas, something that cant be driven on the street at all, and my goal is 300-350hp.