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  • Blast from the past!

    After 7 years without one, I'm back in a 60V6! My place of employment closed the doors last year, so after 11 years of only driving 1 mile to work, I was forced to take on a 40 minute commute. So, I parked my 2000 F150 and picked up a true grandma's car: A 2004 Grand AM, which was actually purchased from my wife's grandma. It had 70K miles on it and sat for almost a full year. So far I've only had to do some minimal items that I think are normal for a car this age that has sat.... A tune up, full front brakes, wheel bearings, a new set of tires.... Before I get into any actual performance stuff, I really need to upgrade the audio side of things to make my drive a little more pleasant. I'll start posting some more stuff as I get into it all.

    Any of the old timers from my day still active here???