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Rare 5-speed Lumina Z-34

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  • Rare 5-speed Lumina Z-34

    This is my member ride...but it may be yours soon. Please see listing in "for sale" section of this forum for price and details.

    I am a getting married and do not have the ability to store my car or work on it fiancée wants it gone. Therefore, the time has come to sell it. This car is now officially 25 years old, and according to Antique Automobile Club of America definition, "classic" automobiles are defined as “fine” or “unusual” vehicles, foreign or domestic, that are between 25 and 50 years old. I have owned both the automatic and manual versions of this car I can definitely tell you there is no comparison. ...the 5-speed transmission wins for the fun factor.

    1) 1994 suspension parts with larger roll bar and springs
    2) Front and rear disc brakes
    3) Parking brake cable
    4) Hub sensors
    5) Rear calipers
    6) New Tires (both sets of wheels)
    7) Intake Manifold Gaskets
    8 ) Clutch Master cylinder (recently replaced)
    9) Clutch Slave cylinder (recently replaced)
    10) Clutch disc (recently replaced)
    11) Clutch pressure plate (recently replaced)
    12) Clutch throw out bearing (recently replaced)
    13) Shift cable bushings
    14) Brake switch
    15) Driver and Passenger Metal wraparaound window moldings
    16) Side Mirrors
    17) Dual Flowmaster 3 chamber mufflers
    18 ) Free flow catalytic converter
    19) Custom dual exhaust work with resonator to get rid of "tinny" sound and bowtie tips
    20) Platinum plugs
    21) Plug wires
    22) Hypertech chip
    23) K&N permanent filter
    24) Rear stripe
    25) Kenwood deck with removable faceplate
    26) Kenwood multi-disc changer in trunk
    27) Fold-down rear seat
    28 ) Oldsmobile wheels with custom caps

    Here is what remains to be done:

    29) Paint job (due to delamination)
    30) Interior carpet replaced (getting old)
    31) When cold, the transmission has challenges shifting 1st to 2nd...gets better after warm up (it was suggested to me that changing to red line tranny oil may fix this).
    32) B pillar pieces need to be replaced
    33) Remove old tint

    Thank you,

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