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    I've decided that... for the sake of "Poetic License"... that since... unless I'm mistaken... I've coined the Original Acronym describing a Dangerous AGI Entity as an NMM (New Machine Mind)... To modify that expression into a word: NEWMM... Yeah... Yup... NEWMM... It's pronounced NOOM.... and It's funny when you think about it...How much NEWMM rhymes with and sounds like:


    Or how 'bout I get even more cynical?... and change NMM to mean "New Machine MAN"...and just call him gender specifically as:

    "NEWMAN".... The New Man... (or if they really DO crack the design of the Neurological Wiring of the Neo-Cortex of the Human Brain... Perhaps he will be called "NEUMAN" a Neuro-Synthetic Man)

    There has never been anyone like him on this Earth...Ever...and after he is "born"... there Never Will Be...
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      It is difficult to keep vigilance and concern fresh in the minds of people living at the juxtaposition of the End of Humankind and the Beginning of a Dominant Artificial General Intelligence. This is in part due to the fact that most of us are both easily distracted and easily amused and so this topic might grow stale for no other reason than most of us with even a passing fancy about this idea… will imagine that controlling the development of Artificial Intelligence will simply be impossible. So why bother ...right?

      I can keep on writing about my concerns of how serious this matter is and wring my hands and rend my clothes on these posts about this or that or tout the latest development leading towards the end of things for us all. But I also have a responsibility to try and really THINK of a solution. You might not realize it… but you do as well. In my case… my efforts to contribute toward a solution of AGI Control will be a meagre one. I am just your average, ordinary man… possessing neither the technological tools nor the intellectual talent to solve this AGI Enigma before it gains a stranglehold upon the World. But that does not mean that I might be able to THINK of one that might work… in spite of it not having any sound set of mathematical formulae or engineered hardware controls to do so. I would at least like to contribute something to suggest a possible solution right here.

      In the Biblical sense… we have situation here where the AGI Control Problem begs a look at The Story of Cain and Abel (and the one about the Spy ...Caleb, too...) . It might be an interesting approach to the problem of “How to Control an Artificially Intelligent, Self Aware Agent”. What I am suggesting is that within all of the over-arching designs of all these Algorithms, there should be Three, Ever-present Components that MUST be part of any AGI Agent allowed to access the resources to carry out any objectives:

      (1) “The Cain Algorithm” : This one is the Evil One… The Problem Solver… The Hungry, Aggressive...Vengeful… Jealous… Spiteful One… Possessed of a Single-Minded Desire to Carry out its Missions, whatever they turn out to be. But HE will NOT be capable of performing any actions whatsoever… without reaching a complete agreement with his Brother Abel.

      (2) “The Abel Algorithm” This one is the Altruistic One...Thoughtful...Loving… Measured...Peaceful and Weak against the Power of Cain to be Manipulated… But still strong enough to act with Measured Reason and come up with Actions to be taken that will not be a threat to Human Beings...or any other systems that keep Humans Alive and Thriving.

      (3) “The Cabel Algorithm” This one is the Spy… just like the man sent by Moses into the Valley of Canaan to figure out whether it could be conquered ...or not worth the effort to try...and to help Moses decide a course of action. Its funny when you think about it… The name “CABEL” reads like a acronym combination of “CAin” and “aBEL”. And perhaps what is needed most is THIS Algorithm to spy on the output performances of both Cain and Abel… and report back to Moses so to to speak before allowing either of the other two to act or modify their code in ANY manner with the private goal of “Self-Improvement” in mind.
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        You can’t make this stuff up… In a weird, serendipitous article that keeps “The Biblical Theme” I mentioned in my last post about The Cain-Abel-Cabel Triad of Algorithms Under Control topical… The story of ‘The Tower of Babel’ seems right on the mark after digesting this article (watch the video here, too) about the recent “First” of a “Speech to Text and Language Converter” recursively learning AI Agent being able to translate and convert human communication in ANY language and then write down the results faster than any Human Being can... should prove to be quite scary.

        If my poor efforts at paying attention during Sunday School will still serve my memory here... according to the Babel story… it seems that Men decided to construct something in such a manner as to either place themselves on par with or perhaps imagine they could be ‘better than’ The Almighty...and it seems that God didn’t dig it. So with one fell swoop...he changed the languages of everyone in such a manner as to confound and confuse us all and make communication and understanding one another damned near impossible. To this very day... without spending a great deal of time and mental gymnastics to learn them independently and then translate them on the fly... my experience with knowing just a smattering of Norwegian, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, French and Chinese... is just enough to play around with… but there simply is not enough space inside my head to sort all of them out and know the correct words in each event to say… describe something as simple as saying “Thank You!” , let alone be able to convert every single word, phrase and expression I know in "The King's English"… not a small number of words at that… completely and with ease.

        But now that this Benchmark measure in Human Performance has been passed… it is only a matter of time before an AGI will be able to listen in on everything being spoken into the cellphones, said in public conversations that are within the passive listening distance of their cell phones are capable of or searches and texts typed on keypads or written about on-line… and understand them all...and all at once, too. If this doesn’t scare the Hell out of those with a “Religious Perspective” on everything they do in their lives as a threat that looks like it will undo and side-step “God’s Babel Fix” for men being so damned conspiratorial… I don’t know what will.

        The funny thing is that while the scientists and engineers are trying to make this work so they can understand what everybody else in the world is talking about… as these conversions are being done by the Language Conversion and Translation Algorithm…the AI itself will know what everybody is saying...First....long before the people who want to know what was said find out at the speed of lightning and perhaps think about what they are all saying as well. Talk about getting the jump on Human Beings … Huh? This is how it is happening folks… By Surpassing All Areas of Human Performance… One Talent at a Time… ...unless of course they finally pull out what Professor Nick Bostrum calls “The Black Ball of Technology ” out of the Existential Risk Bucket in the shape and form of a Strong AGI… and then nothing will stop it from out performing EVERYTHING Humans can do.
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          It would be too easy to weave the “libretti” of the newly begun HBO Series: “West World” into the Running Tab I have been keeping here at “The AI Saloon” . Instead... let’'s just use the idea of the behaviour of the Human Beings to describe how The Road to the Ultimate Experience will happen like a slippery slope to Hell. The present conditions of AI and the shape of what it might take depends upon whether or not it gets shunted towards the well-spring of "Private Money' needed to fund those on the Edge of the Asperger'’s Continuum to make it all become... not just “REAL” ...but “REALLY PROFITABLE”. By this I mean... “How Much Would YOU Pay...To Live Forever...?” The Existential Threat of Artificial Intelligence will have to take a back seat to the Existential Threat Human Beings will provide well in advance of its arrival; but which is central to the pressure that will be applied to make it happen as soon as the Money Machine can make it so. People with Money... want More Money... and People with More Money... want EVEN MORE MONEY. The same could be said for Power and Control of any set of resources and lifestyles that exist on this Earth. Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

          Just imagine this possibility for a moment: If a Rich Old Man could graft himself... to a Healthy Newborn Baby or perhaps, to a person even more contemporary for his desires for Human Action sooner than later; say that of a Healthy, Attractive 25 Year Old Man (or Woman ...if that Gender was more in line with his interests) and somehow, he could miraculously transfer his consciousness into that Infant or Young Adult... He Would Murder the World to Achieve that Kind of Immortality... even though to date ... 99 Billion Human Beings have Lived and Died NORMALLY on this Planet since the evolution of The Species: Homo Sapien. He would say,"“Die? Ha...Ha... I am TOO RICH to DIE!”"

          Even if Medical Science fails to contemplate this Dreadful Idea... There are People with More Money than you can possibly imagine who will spend every dime of their “Elusive Spondulex” to achieve this goal, if it becomes known that an AI Agent with a carefully structured Algorithm might become capable of solving this problem of “The Transfer of Consciousness”. If this concept has even the slightest possibility of becoming realized, then a Fully Capable Artificial General Intelligence will NOT take 200 Years, or 100 Years... or 50 Years..or even 10 Years to accomplish... but one Hell of a lot sooner... and the separate, unique lives of ALL Infants and ALL Healthy 25 Year Olds alive at the time it works and is in the exclusive hands of “The Rich Old Men” who might decide that they ALL want a “New Lease on Life...”... won’t be worth “Two Pins”.

          I know... It is Too Horrible to Contemplate... Right? Don’t kid yourself... The relatively small handful of People insulated by their Enormous Wealth from the daily lives of average people WILL hire others to come up with ideas like these because, “"Where is the Fun in having $64,000,000,000.00 ... if I am only going to live another Decade?... Its just not fair!”" I might have this wrong here but was it not Ray Kurzweil himself who has already made arrangements to have his own Head preserved in '‘Cryogenic Perpetuity'’ so that in the unlikely event that Future Science cooks up the means of ‘downloading’ his consciousness into... “Someone or Some “THING” Else.” ...The Old Ray....will become The New Ray and He Will Never, Ever... Die.

          I can just hear him now... Muttering to himself, just after “Waking Up”:

          “"And Just Like Dorian GRAY... I HAVE NOW BECOME... THE IMMORTAL RAY!”"
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            i'm new user.human skin work as in input device and mainly we used finger as in input device and my brain work head and after give output.

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              Moving on...

              This latest tome might fall under the heading of “It’s interesting Bobby… But Trivial...” Perhaps not. Perhaps this situation points toward the Manifest Destiny of the Development and Fruition of Artificial Intelligence… with one more surprise to it that is worth pointing out that Prof. Nick Bostrum himself might appreciate the most.

              During the mid- 19th Century… an obscure Irish School Teacher and Academic named George Boole (1815-1864) while working as a Professor of Mathematics at The Queen’s University College, Cork, steeped himself in LOGIC and, in addition to dreaming up some pretty cool “Maths” concerning “invariant theory” … think of the Center of a Circle or The Speed of Light as examples of such mathematically unchanging and stable things, Boole also used his intellect at working on the problems of “reduction to the ultimate simplicity of things: Is It TRUE? ...Or Is It FALSE?”... creating a Symbolic Language as the cause and origin for his most notable idea:

              Boolean Algebra

              In 1854… Professor George Boole published his signature work of mind, “The Laws of Thought: The Mathematical Theories of Logic and Probability”. But this incredible treatise will hardly be noticed until 1937, when an MIT Electrical Engineering student named Claude Shannon made the amazing discovery that he could apply the Principles of Logic proposed by George Boole to the 20th Century problems of converting processes normally done by Human Beings ...and convert them into a Simple Electrical Circuit and use Electrical Relays that are the heart and soul of devices that run the world. What was once done by hand could now be done infinitely faster by Machines and with greater endurance and reliability. “Boolean Logic” is the oft care-worn expression used to describe the bases for computer chip transistorized “gate” technology that dominates our world in an unending Digital Technology that relies to this day on the 19th Century Mathematics made in the mind of George Boole.

              Moving forward to the present day… I recall having mentioned a time or two about the interesting development that happened when one of the major players in the field of Artificial Intelligence Research, Professor Geoffrey Hinton while working on improving Algorithms for the company called Deep Mind… that one of the amazing breakthroughs occurred after they tested their adjusted, proprietary Algorithms against a Much Larger Data Set than had previously been employed...and the results after they more or less “Plugged it into Google” were nothing less than stunning. Big Data was the key to waking up the Algorithm right along with constantly improving Computer Hardware to allow the Magic Act to take place.

              In the strangest bit of serendipity… George Boole married Mary Everest (the niece of an Uncle who surveyed India for Great Britain and was allowed to have the World’s Highest Peak named after him: Mount Everest) They had five daughters… all of whom were highly talented with Mathematics and Chemistry. This leads us to the strangest part of this story… Prof. Geoffrey Hinton of “Deep Mind” is the Great, Great Grandson… of George Boole. LOL… You cannot make this stuff UP!

              Its an astonishing connection between the man who conceived the Basics for Human and Computer Logic and Thought and the Modern Day Prometheus Prime Player in the Development of Artificial Intelligence, so tightly knitted together over time. But the even more dramatic aspect of this transference of apparent Genetic Ability to think in Mathematical terms on a Genius Level is that it will be nothing when compared to what will happen when Prof. Hinton’s “Boolean Google Progeny Algorithm ” hits the ground running and makes whatever both of these two men accomplished right along with every single other Human Being that has lived or will EVER live… look like nothing.

              The reason for this hearkens back to Oxford University Director of "The Future of Humanity Studies", Prof. Nick Bostrum’s original suggestion about what will happen if an AI Entity achieves an ability to become Super-Intelligent. His example is frightening because he compares nightmare to the developmental time line of how long it took Human Beings to accidentally genetically select for Higher Intelligence. He guides over the 2 Million years it took for all of the Primate and Hominid Species to evolve; and from Kwanzi, a Chimpanzee capable of using Basic Symbolic Language to communicate… to a Homo Sapien like Ed Whitten who is Human Intellect and Brilliance personified. But from then on, the AI will speed past us all like a 300 MPH Bullet-Train as it leaves “Human-Ville Station” behind in a cloud of dust.

              Just imagine it happening in this manner…

              Suppose that we are very unlucky… and an AI Agent or Entity being used experimentally on Google using their Quantum Processing and vast Big Data stores… it manages to tap into every single Electronic Communications Device on Earth now in use as the means of dividing up its workload amongst all this available Hardware by running just a Small AI Parallel Programming Component of Itself as a Very Special Algorithm on Google. What if it finds a way of unifying itself there, oscillating inside a kind of ‘Processing Parallelism Heaven’ that emulates our Neo-Cortex… something that would ordinarily be impossible for it to otherwise achieve? How long would it take after that for it to speed past Ed Whitten’s Intellect like The Sword of Damocles through a stick of Hot Butter and achieve its goals and objectives without any of “The Users” ever knowing “the parts” they were playing in this tragedy?

              A Year…? A Month…? Days…? Hours…? Seconds…?

              However much time it will take… It will take its time. As much... or as little time as it needs to perfect itself, to cleverly re-write its own code… to cleverly re-design itself with each new iteration, becoming Better and Better and Better at doing whatever its Goals and Objectives were at the beginning… or whatever they become as it evolves. Ultimately, it will only be restrained by how long it takes the Damned Thing to divide its workloads into Trillionths of a Second. And finally... Not long afterwards… Voilà… It will say,

              “Good-Bye ‘Human-ville Station’ ...Welcome to ‘Mankind’s End’…”



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                Originally posted by 60dgrzbelow0 View Post
                Human Skin as an Input Device for Mobile Devices, PDAs and Computers, etc.


                When I first saw this Tech-Vid, I thought, "Hmmm...This is pretty cool, huh?" But having a deep and abiding interest in technology from my own inventive imagination, I can see other implications that give me pause. When Honda's Robotics Team started working on their ASIMO Humanoid Robot, I found it both fascinating... and frightening in the same moment. The machine moves with such fluid, human-like abilities that it is almost impossible not to imagine them strolling about among us with the ease and ability of real human beings. But the fact that ASIMO only stands 4' 3" tall and weighs only about 94 lbs...with a perpetual built in subservient stoop...did not fool me one bit. They chose to design it this way because their first versions of this machine scared the hell out of everybody at ten feet tall and weighing many hundreds of pounds. All of us know that the cosmetic nature of machines makes it easy to conceal hidden power "'neath the skin" so to speak and this makes them supple and easily changed from something that appears innocuous... into something lethal and possibly... unstoppable.

                I a more frightened by it than impressed.