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Door latch on 93 Lumina 4-dr sedan

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  • Door latch on 93 Lumina 4-dr sedan

    Not sure where the best place to post this is, so i figured off topic was best.

    The driver side door handle on my 93 lumina broke a couple days ago. I have to either climb through the passenger side or unlock the doors and reach in from the rear divers side to open the door, and it is getting slightly annoying.

    The part is still available to order, however I spoke to the parts dealer and the wait is 2-3 weeks due to the holidays and I have yet to find a website selling the part that will ship to canada.

    So in the mean time I was thinking about swapping the front handle with the rear handle as I rarely have more than 1 passenger in the back. My question is, before tearing into the doors, are the front and read door handles on the drivers side the same? or are they different in some way.

    Car is a 93 lumina sedan, base model with a 3.1L MFPI. I believe these to be the W body.

    Is swapping these as a temporary fix possible, or should I just suck it up and wait for the new part?


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    Don't those have key slots in the front door handle assemblies and not in the rear ones? Even if it did fit, you would have to have keyless entry or leave it unlocked.
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      No the door lock is in the door panel not the door handle, they are separate entities. From the exterior the door handles on the front and rear door look identical, I'm just not sure about behind them.


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        Have you gotten online and looked at part numbers? That's what I do when I winder about something like that. If they match its the same part and you are good to go on swapping them.

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