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3.3 450 hp N/A V6

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  • 3.3 450 hp N/A V6

    Not what you may think! 60 degree V6 2 stroke!

    No valves, 8500rpm redline and runs on Pump gas... Need one in a car!

    They sound wicked.

    468hp at 7500 rpm

    360 ft/b 5250 rpm

    And this thing is supposed to go on a bass boat. lol
    2000 Chevrolet Malibu LS (LX9-F23 swap soon!) Slowly acquiring parts!

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    1995 Monte Carlo LS 3100, 4T60E...for now, future plans include driving it until the wheels fall off!
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      Ok I just got in line for one. When do they go on sale?
      95 Beretta 3100 with 3400 intakes and TCE TB
      High flow cat and a Magnaflow muffler
      Grand Prix trans with 3.33FDR


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        Not bad!
        Past Builds;
        1991 Z24, 3500/5 Spd. 275WHP/259WTQ 13.07@108 MPH
        1989 Camaro RS, ITB-3500/700R4. 263WHP/263WTQ 13.52@99.2 MPH
        Current Project;
        1972 Nova 12.73@105.7 MPH


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          That's pretty cool, lol.

          It's going on a bass boat, so maybe it will move the water so fast on takeoff it will suck the fish right out.
          -60v6's 2nd Jon M.
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          92 Black Lumina Z34 5 speed (getting there, slowly... follow the progress here)
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          Tires are cheap clutches...