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  • Tire Sizes????

    This may seem like a dumb question,,, BUT.....
    Can I safely put P215x60Rx16 tires on a rim made for P265x70Rx16 tires?
    I know the speedo will be off... What I need to know is if this combo would be safe... Will the tires blow off of the rims???
    I need some tires for my 97 Toyota 4Runner and I got these for free.... And I have NO money... This would only be a temporary thing... I don't drive on any highways,,, back roads only,,, 50MPH Max...
    The tires on the car have cord showing and are starting to wobble,,, quite badly.... Need to do something, even if it's not exactly the right way!!
    Tom B....
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    ............. that's 2" narrower than stock, I wouldn't recommend that at all. have specs on the wheel itself? tirerack shows that a 215/60-16 is safe to use on wheels between 6 and 7.5" wide. a 265/70-16 is showing 7-9" as an acceptable range, so your wheel MAY be in that 7-7.5 range if you can find the info stamped into it or online.

    you may have a very difficult time finding a shop that is willing to mount them.
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      Thanks for responding!! As far as I can tell from reading on and my owners manual the stock rims are 7" wide... A few posts on say 7.5"... Either way it would seem that I can get away with using that combo!!! They are Bridgestones with some pretty good tread...
      Mounting them is no problem, my friend has a tire machine... I'm going to see if I can get away without balancing... If not I'll have to bring them somewhere and get them balanced... His balancer is the old static type,,, not dynamic/spin balanced... Not even sure if that old one is even still around...
      Well, ThanxXx again,,,,
      Tom B.....


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