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Do these track times sound about right?

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  • Do these track times sound about right?

    This is the first time I've ever raced at a track before, I raced at Byron Dragway in Byron IL. Elevation is 705 feet above sea level, the temp that day was 84 degrees with around a 72% humidity level.

    I have a 2010 Impala LT that came factory with a LZE(3.5L) engine, some recent modifications I did was a LGD(3.9L) swap, 3.69 FDR and have a tune by Overkillmotorsports. I am running GMPP strut tower braces, GMPP thicker sway bars and have 2 week old Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval AS tires all around.

    I did 5 runs that day and the best time I could get in the end was 15.618 1/4 mile at 88.1 mph, does this time sound about right with the mods I have?

    R/T ... .665
    60' ... 2.267
    330 ... 6.514
    1/8 ... 10.031
    MPH ... 71.22
    1000 ... 13.056
    1/4 ... 15.618
    MPH ... 88.01

    I noticed that if I left traction control off I'd lose a 10th of a sec due to wheel spin, if I left the traction control on I'd get no wheel spin at all. I tried brake torquing it in the 2 final runs, it would rev to 1600rpm and I would get a slight amount of tire slip.

    This was just a week after taking a trip to AL, I noticed on my way back to IL my car had developed a humming noise in the passanger front wheel area....I'm thinking its the half shaft as it goes away if I re-apply the gas pedal, I also wanted to note that my trans looked vary warned out when I was swapping around the gearing. Maybe a newer trans would get me better times?
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    1997 Chevy Lumina LS- SOLD
    Mods:3400 cylinder heads, 01 upper & lower intake, 56mm throttle body, 22.5lbs injectors w/ 55psi regulator, 1' 3/8" thick radiator, tuned with lower fan temps by wot-tech

    2010 Chevy Impala LT
    Mods: LGD swap, 3.29 standard duty differential, 33 37 drive sprockets, Don Rome brackets, front and rear GMPP strut tower braces, GMPP 22mm front sway bar, GMPP 19mm rear sway bar and tune from Over Kill Motorsports