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Wed. Night Test n' Tune, Ohio Valley

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  • AleroB888
    Originally posted by fasteddi View Post
    Nice man. That is one nice alero.
    Thanks! I've backtracked some, running at the track with air filter (which I should be doing anyway), and with an extra exhaust component on it, in pursuit of better sound. More of a real-world scenario, except for slicks. I will try to take one more shot at a 12.8 in Bowling Green. But I want to keep the present stuff on it and see if the inlet/outlet porting can make up the difference. And get some track scans with the alcohol injection.

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  • fasteddi
    Nice man. That is one nice alero.

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  • AleroB888
    started a topic Wed. Night Test n' Tune, Ohio Valley

    Wed. Night Test n' Tune, Ohio Valley

    '99 Alero 3400, MP90, non-intercooled, other info in sig
    All runs with: 3/4 tank gas, K&N filter, 8.5x23 slicks, TOG headers, 3 inch Magnaflow CAT, 5x15 Borla muffler as resonator, SuperTrapp add-on disc packs -- 3 inch inlet 5 inch wide x 30 discs, 50/50 ethanol/H2o injection -- manually switched. Moderate cool-down between runs, 62-68 deg F ambient. Humid, air not too bad, but not the best.

    185-195 deg ECT starting line temps.

    ---------1) 7:18 PM
    First run, without alc/H2O injection,
    1200 rpm launch
    IAT@ IM, temp--
    96* before burnout, 145* at starting line, 178* end of run

    285----------------- CAR# --------------B888

    + .3029----------Reaction--------- + .2638
    1.9802------------60 ft--------------2.0680
    7.5160------------330 ft-------------6.0362
    11.4750----------ET @ 594 ft--------8.6423
    12.3770-----------1/8 ET-------------9.2162
    49.89-----------1/8 MPH------------78.40

    ---------2) 8:17 PM
    2nd run, switched on alc/H2o during burnout only,
    1200 rpm launch
    IAT@ IM, temp--
    91* before burnout, 91* at starting line, 142* end of run

    B888----------------- CAR# --------------321

    + .2638----------Reaction--------- + .3809
    1.9343------------60 ft--------------2.1098
    5.5252------------330 ft-------------6.0801
    7.9292----------ET @ 594 ft--------8.7961
    8.4712-----------1/8 ET-------------9.3971
    83.02-----------1/8 MPH------------74.87

    --------3) 9:01 PM
    3rd run, switched on alc/H2o during burnout and for a 2-second burst after launch,
    more aggressive burnout, 1400 rpm launch
    96* before burnout, 94* at starting line, 148* end of run

    +.2619.... Reaction
    1.9560.... 60 ft
    5.5880.... 330 ft
    8.0121.... ET @ 594 ft
    8.5571.... 1/8 ET
    82.56.... 1/8 MPH

    --------4) 9:47 PM
    4th run, switched on alc/H2o during burnout only
    aggressive burnout, 1600-1800 rpm launch
    92* before burnout, 96* at starting line, 152* end of run
    (here launch rpm was higher than it needed to be, and so intake temp was raised slightly)

    +.2619.... Reaction
    1.9739.... 60 ft
    5.6419.... 330 ft
    8.08111.... ET @ 594 ft
    8.6272.... 1/8 ET
    82.41.... 1/8 MPH

    I have not heard the present exhaust system from outside the car, but a spectator told me it sounds good, as in "all you can hear is the blower." That's at WOT. It is loud at idle and midrange rpms. Growls and some droning, more so with windows down, but no rasp that I can hear. Upper-mid rpms need improvement in sound, as heard from inside the car. Anxious to hear it from the outside.

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