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    I race on a oval 1/2 mile asphalt track. I have a 3.1 v6 grand am automatic I need to find more power out of this motor everybody is telling me to do a swap to a 3.4 but i can't do that untill the off season so I have to work with what I have an I believe I can get this 3.1 just as fast as the 3.4 guys. Everything is pretty much stock besides a cold air intake. So any little bit of help would be greatly appreciated. An was told i can put a 3.4 throttle body on my motor as well guess the 3.4 throttle bodies are a tad bigger is that a mod I can do an was told to change the upper intake to a 3.4 intake an an to put a 3.8 super charged coil pack on are all these mods able to be done an if you have any other ways I can get some more HP out of this 3.1 plz let me know.

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    what year is the car/engine? if its earlier than 2000 you can put the 3.4l upper and lower intake manifold on, as well as the throttle body, that gives a little more flow. im not even sure if the 3.8l coil packs would function on the 3.1/3.4, its not going to gain you anything anyways.

    not too much your going to do to get considerable gains from bolt ons. you would be best to build a 3400 for it. one thing id also consider is swapping it to a manual transmission, it would take some work but i would think that would be the biggest overall improvement for oval racing it.


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      Its a 94 I believe the motor is a 97 or 99 so the upper an lower intakes will bolt rite on ??? As well as the TB. I'm planning on getting a 3.4 soon an building it for next season. An I also have a question about camber I have already drilled out every hole possible but still can't get enough camber I have it to the point to were the springs on the strut are hittimg. Any other ideas??? Thanks


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        as long as its a 3100 and not the gen 2 3.1l, yes the 3400 intake will bolt on.

        as for camber, if the spring is hitting the inside of the tower your only option to add more would be a coilover sleeve like something from ground control, or lengthening the lower control arm.