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My visit to the track!!!!

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  • My visit to the track!!!!

    Well guys, it was a good and a bad night at the track. Goods, I ran good, good weather. Bad's, my rim is stuck on my car. lol And I only got in 2 runs. I am for sure I would have hit a 14.9 if I could have gotten in some more seat time. I weighed in at 3185 w/o driver. Not too bad. So heres my prep, mods as listed here MT DR's 255/50/16 on snowflakes and ZR1's up front, no front sway, no seats but driver, no jack/spare, and chilly weather. BTW, the car is a 95 3.4L camaro 5-speed


    I was borrowing my friend's MT DR's from him, and so they werent mine, and I was being respectful and not burning out on them. But I used the psi they came with. So it was 18 psi rear and 32 psi fronts. I just tried to clean them off a little. Then I got a pretty good launch, I launched at about 4200rpm, and it actually kinda bogged a little. Also, what was kinda a factor, was that 3.4's have no top end, so I can go right at about 90mph in 3rd gear, so this run, I shifted to fourth probably like 50-60ft before the end, and that might have hurt me. I dont know.

    60' 2.162
    330' 6.247
    1/8 9.698
    1/8 mph 71.81
    1000' 12.669
    1/4 15.190
    mph 89.07

    Run 2:

    The only things I changed the second run, was I went up to 24psi in the rears, kept the fronts the same, dropped a bag of ice on the intake, and I launched at 5K to try to get a good launch. Well the 5K launch with those beefy things on back, didnt like the stock clutch, and it slipped some on the launch, but was fine the rest of the way. Also, I didnt go into 4th this time. I kept it in 3rd and I think went like 100rpm into the redline. lol

    60' 2.25
    330' 6.283
    1/8 9.679
    1/8 mph 72.94
    1000' 12.602
    1/4 15.092
    mph 90.77

    I know if I was to get another 2 runs, I would have gotten the launch down and pulled a 14.99+. Not only was this my first run on DR's, it was my first 1/4 run with the 'maro period. So I am really excited, and look forward to bringing it down even more. Just a little FYI, this is now the camaro 60* N/A record. Thanks guys, later.

    Check here for more:

    1995 3.4 Camaro M5