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  • my year thus far

    so far ive been out to the track twice, got about 15 runs this year. last year i managed a best of a 15.64, and this year its taken my all 15 runs to get back to were i was. after a bunch of low 16s, my last run of last night i managed a 15.68. i was realy hoping that the car would have picked up more over the winter with my msd box, coil and 2 step. i picked up a set of drag radials and those helped to the best 60' of a 2.25. that was all on my last run last night, i was realy hoping for another shot cause i know the car had more in it, but they had to shut the track down over an hour early because of the dew starting to fall.

    i know its not much to brag about. im realy hoping ot get into the 14s this year with some tuning. i know im gonna have to build another tranny up for it as 2nd gear syncro is wearing out in a hurry. i just need to find the apropriate w41 tranny for the gearing.

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    not to be an ass but that seems really slow for what you have. any reason why?
    92 Lumina euro 3.4 DOHC 139,XXX miles


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      yea i agree with you, it is realy slow for the money i have spent. my main problem is the stock tuning. stock is tned way to far on the safe side. i figure i need to advance the timing curve a bunch, and i need to pull some fuel out on the bottom end (its a slug and very rich till it cleans up around 3k rpm).

      ive come to the realization that i will never set the world on fire with this thing. i realy thought i could do better with gen 1 heads. im hoping with enough tuning and some driving that i will run a high 14, and ill be happy with that. i plan to play around with it n/a for this year, mabey next year ill boost it. id realy like to put a vortech on it, but i realy cant afford to buy a new head unit, and a ccw rotation v5 or v9 (the small vortech unit) isnt easy to come by used.


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        what motor do you have, i cant tell by your profile.
        92 Lumina euro 3.4 DOHC 139,XXX miles


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          i pulled a shift point calculator out of a honda book, want me to send it you a copy sharkey? i keyed it in for excel, you just need to know the trans efficency, tire height in inches, all your ratios, and the torque at given rpms (i'm a loser so i use dd2k for those). im confident you can get more from the iron heads, at least i hope you can since thats my easiest bet to get my car running this year.

          from my fooling with it (i have dd2k and destop drag, how much more can i possibly suck? stay tuned...) it seems a 2.8 with a cam and headers needs to shift around 7K from first and then around 6500 for the rest to make the best times. strangly enough the iron headed 2.8 semms to be faster than 3.1 mod for mod, similar in every way but the stroke.
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            i have a built up 2.8l gen 1 motor. if you look in my profile you will see what all is done to it.

            sure id love a copy of that. anything that may help me. the big thing with dd2k is that unless you know what your heads flow, it isnt that acurate.

            i know it has lots left in it. i shift right now at 6100 (the limiter is 6200). ive hit the limmiter more than once, the car pulls like a raped ape right till it hits it. i beleive i could actualy get this thing right around 7k rpm.


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              if i could see 15's i wet my self.

              i just need to know where to send the calculator, for what its worth i plugged a .030" over 2.8, 9.5:1CR, h260 cam (1.6 ratio), headers, and numbers i found somewhere for stock iron heads into dd2k, then the number from there, hm282 ratios and your tire height in the calculator and its table led me to some interesting results, which i stuck in desktop drag:

              14.916 @ 98.2mph or 14.7 depends on how good your tires are.
              1-2 @ 7500 (! think you can get there?)
              2-3 @ 7000
              3-4 @ 6750
              4-5 @ 6500 (you wont even get to 5th so who cares.)

              It's not my formula, so dont rag me. and feel free not to blow your motor on my account. I just play with numbers. engines flow more at higher rpms and the more it flows the higher the shift points seem to be. you are right about head flow numbers, i'm wondering what how far port work will shove the shift points further north.
              If you aren't friends with a liar, you aren't friends with anyone.


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                dd2k was showing peak hp was at 5500, but it was over 160hp between 4k and 7k.

                i built the motor to rev, should be able to take 7k no problem.


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                  rev, im not big on screaming high rpms, but it would cool to be able to hit them safely. one time my shitsuzu 5 speed dropped into 1st instead of 3rd (get my sport on for the on-ramp) at 50 mph . 9000rpm (i did the math, lol) doesnt sound as cool on a 660 as it does on an F1 car.
                  If you aren't friends with a liar, you aren't friends with anyone.


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                    what are your trap speeds?
                    1999 Olds Alero 2.4 to 3500 swap (running). totaled by a honda
                    1992 lumina 4 door 3500 3spd auto 15.020 @93.5 mph
                    1984 Cavalier type 10 hatch 3100 5spd!!!
                    14.96@91.47 in the 1/4
                    9.63@74.36 in the 1/8th
                    14.30 on slicks! scrapped due to rust!


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                      best of 87mph.


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                        Even if you don't set the world on fire, that's still a sweet looking car! You don't see to many of the boxey Z24s anymore.
                        I may own a GTO now, but I'm still a 60V6er at heart.