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I'm not a drag racer, but I play one on TV!

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    I will jump back to Josh's original topic, and vouch for his bracket racing prowess! Yes he bested all comers in the Trophy class for the BOP day at Great Lakes Dragaway. He even knocked out some pretty tough racers along the way. A couple of these folks are regulars in the Modified class for the Summit Super Series at GLD (they were not racing their Modified class cars at the time though just to be clear). Most impressive was the fact that he never changed the dial-in that he wrote on the window to start the day. That's some mighty fine racing with a stick! The day could only have been better if I were in the lane opposite of Josh in the final, instead of taping his victory for him ! He has proven to be a pretty good bracket racer as well as an autocrosser. I guess that makes him a double threat, so watch out folks! Congrats again Josh on a fine performance!
    Joe Morgan
    '93 Sunbird SE 3.1/5-speed 14.869 @ 90.96 Heavily Modded
    '00 Grand Prix GTP Sedan 13.689 @ 100.97 Lightly Modded
    '09 G8 GXP Manual Trans 13.166 @ 106.47 BONE STOCK