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Ran a 15.4 in a 95 Grand Prix 3100

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  • Ran a 15.4 in a 95 Grand Prix 3100

    I hit the nitrous on first gear around 3200 rpms and my trans got stuck on the 1-2 shift which scared the shit out of me cause i was probably running lean for that split second. So that probably took maybe a tenth off. Who really knows. I held the nitrous for the entire 1/4

    No port work/no computer
    62mm t-body
    short ram intake
    FFP UD pulley
    FFP Dog bones
    2.5 catback
    92oct w/oct booster
    55hp shot nitrous

    My best time without nitrous is a 16.2 @ 85mph last year.
    Corey's 95 GP - Engine/Trans installed
    02 GTP - 90* > Failboat

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    Wow you ran without a computer? Did you use a carb? j/kl
    You weigh more than me, as only with a dynomax ultra flo and stereo I did a 16.0 way back in the day. I want to do full exhaust someday, and really want headers, but other than that my 3100 is going to stay until it blows up. I am putting on ported 3400/3500 intakes though, so hopefully I'll get a decent boost from that "bolt on". Curious as to what I'd run after that hmm. I might get a UDP whenever budget allows. Too bad the closest track is bulldozed and apartments there now.

    Any idea what your weight is? How many miles you got?
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    1994 3100 BERETTA. 200,000+ miles
    16.0 1/4 mile when stock. Now ???
    Original L82 Longblock
    with LA1, LX9, LX5 parts
    Manifold-back 2.5" SS Mandrel Exhaust. Hardware is SS too.


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      My hood ways a ton with that scoop molded in. Probably 3600 plus me which I am 225 lbs at 6'4.
      And it has 91k on the clock. I've been using mobil 1 full synthetic since i got the car at 62k miles.

      Also it is hard to get good times at that track. I always run 2 tenths of a second faster when I race at bremerton raceways. That 15.4 run was at Pacific Raceways. The main difference is that the gates open at bremerton at 8:00 a.m. when it is nice and cold. And Pacific raceways opens at 4:00 p.m. Plus it was a 75 degree day when I got the 15.4 run.
      Corey's 95 GP - Engine/Trans installed
      02 GTP - 90* > Failboat


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        nice run, i used to have a similar setup as you when i had my 3100. i ran a 14.45 with a 75 shot and almost the same everything else. Now with the 3400 it runs consistent 14.10's. I think when you get those headers installed you should see even more with the nitrous
        94 Grand Prix
        3400- NX 75 shot, Cammotion cam, S&S headers, and a few more toys


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          How is it possible u ran a 14.45 with a 75 shot? Did you run it all the way through first gear starting at 3k rpms until the 1/4 was finished?
          Corey's 95 GP - Engine/Trans installed
          02 GTP - 90* > Failboat