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95 MC Z34 at the Track

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  • 95 MC Z34 at the Track

    Hot as f....

    Last pass was the worst, but best temp F. Day started out at 99 F

    My best pass was a low 16.2 with about 86 mph.

    but here is my time from the last, and worst pass.
    actually, it was my best reaction time....

    Temp 89
    humidity 37
    baro 30.01

    Dial 16.2
    R/t .297
    60 2.586
    330 7.117
    mph 66.23
    1000' 14.015
    1/4 16.646
    mph 85.11

    I lost my last race, oh well it was my first time!

    I didn't understand the Dial thing, I thought the other guy forgot to go and I was going to beat an SRT Neon, yeah right!

    first run low 16.2
    second run high 16.2
    last run mid 16.6

    time to tune.
    95 MC Z34 Black
    Running strong with new engine, transmission, brakes and suspension.

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    How long did you let the car sit between the runs? Next time, try and let the car cool enough to put ice on the manifold and let it sit for an hour or two, changing the ice regurlarly. Then push it through the staging lanes. Do you have traction off the line? How do you launch? Do you brake tq it or just floor it? Not too bad for the first time. I am figuring the car is stock, just new stuff?

    1992 Lumina Z34
    5 Speed
    Autozone civic intake
    Ultra White lights
    FFP Dogbone mount
    125k miles
    2.5 inch Magnaflow catback from Magnaflow cat Custom Chip


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      Your problem is your 60fts. Drop those to at least a 2.2 which attainable in your dohc setup and you should hit 15's
      Corey's 95 GP - Engine/Trans installed
      02 GTP - 90* > Failboat