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60 degree Sandrail Upgrade

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  • 60 degree Sandrail Upgrade

    I recently picked up a rail that has a fiero v6 and super charger on it. They did away with all the electronics and fabbed a distributor and intake for a holley 650 carb on it.

    It is very peaky in power,has dead spots in the throttle, and only runs really well at full throttle. It really screams, but I would like something that is more drive-able for my wife to give rides as well.

    So I am going to be bolting up either a 3.1 or a 3.5 since I read they share a bolt pattern and will bolt up to my current adapter.

    But I do not like carburetors and super chargers, so I want to run a stock fuel injection system.

    Can I just do a little research and hack the car harness down to the necessities myself and run it?
    Can I send the ecm somewhere for a re-flash to eliminate all the stuff not needed or get a little better performance?
    Does anyone make custom harnesses that will plug and play?

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    I put a 3400 (LA1) in my Fiero(s) and it's been a great motor. I re-pinned the stock harness to run a 7730 computer and bought the canned tune from WOT-Tech. This setup saw 3000 street miles before going into the racecar where it's put up with some pretty unreal abuse over the last 5 years. I wish the 3500 (LX9) I put in the street car was as well behaved. It always seemed sluggish, and had other issues before I popped a hose and subsequently the head gaskets.

    You might be able to buy a harness from one of the guys on Pennocks Fiero Forum. I'd probably try Phonedawz first. Alternatively you could build your own. There isn't too much to a 7730 and yours being a sandrail you could probably cut it back even more.

    Good luck with your decision.