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Bricked OBD1.5 PCM in 95 Camaro

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  • Bricked OBD1.5 PCM in 95 Camaro

    So I was driving around town making adjustments to my tune with Tunercat. The last flash I did was at about 80% uploaded when I accidentally hit the dreaded close button. After this, my car would not start. I could no longer flash the PCM or even read it.

    Luckily I had spare PCM's in the garage, so it wasn't long until I got the car running again. I still want to repair this PCM though since it is the original PCM for this 95 Camaro. Does anyone know how to repair it? I'm thinking it requires soldering skills, but I'm not sure. I have three other PCM's if i need to cannibalize one of them.

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    For anyone that bricks their ECM from accidentally interrupting the flashing process such as I did, you can send it in to Tunercat to get fixed. They charge $25 plus return shipping which is not bad at all. Below is the email reply I got from them.

    Yes, we do repair these PCMs. We charge $25.00 for the repair plus return shipping. If you'd like us to repair your PCM please send it to us at:

    14327 Dogwood Lane
    Belle Haven, VA 23306

    Best regards,