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Camaro 3.4 OBD1.5 Tunercat Software

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  • Camaro 3.4 OBD1.5 Tunercat Software

    I, along with many others, have been using the Tunercat software to tune my 3.4/3500 hybrid in my 95 Camaro. While playing around with tuning, I've encountered many flaws with the definition file that need to be fixed by Tunercat. Some of these problems include the speedometer calibration not working, the VE tables don't seem to work, and another user by the name of "3.4GrapeofWrath" has had issues with the 2 bar map working correctly.

    Based off of my interaction with other forum members it seems that there are issues with the definition file, but no one is notifying Tunercat about them. If no one notifies Tunercat, then these issues will never be exposed to the creator of this tuning software which really doesn't help anyone out.

    I've done my part by emailing tunercat the issues I've had and also copying or fowarding messages that I get from other forum members that also have issues with the software. They told me that in order for them to consider doing updates to this definition file, they need to hear from other users so it doesn't appear that I'm the only one with issues.

    So what I ask from anyone using Tunercat software on their 3.4 F-body is to send me a message and/or email about any issues you have with the software. The more people that speak up, the more likely we are to have these problems fixed!

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    Any 3.4 Camaros or Birds out there that use Tunercat besides me and 3.4GrapeofWrath?