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DHP vs hptuners vs obd1

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  • DHP vs hptuners vs obd1

    so, either my DHP is toast, or my brand new keyspan took a shit... this thing has been frustrating the crap out of me, to the point that I'm starting to consider options.

    option one, keep messing with it until it works reliably.

    option two, buy a hptuner, that doesn't use an adapter, and still has customer support.

    option three, throw all the obd2 bullshit away, and go obd1.

    option 3 seems like it would be the most cost friendly, I already have a 9396 ECM, and the pigtails, and an autoprom is less than half of the HPtuner pro suite, and probably has better customer support. downside, speed density, while being more accurate, is also more of a PITA to tune than mass airflow.

    option 2 is the most plug and play, but costs the most for sure, between the system and the credits, it's pricey, but I can use it to tune my truck too.

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