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94-95 L82 tuning newbie using TunerCAT

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  • 94-95 L82 tuning newbie using TunerCAT

    Hi all, i run demo derby and just purchased the TunerCAT programming software to make a few minor adjustments to the PCM. I have an event TOMORROW and want to make a few minor changes to get my feet wet with the tuning stuff.

    The engine is completely stock, other than I am burning E85 through it No, I have not tested the percentage of it, but it comes for a station that is known for it's high ethanol content.

    All I want to do is bump up the timing and AFR and turn off some switched parameters to get started. From what I've read, the Stoich for E85 is about 9.76:1, and gas is 14.65:1. Can my first steps in tuning just be changing the constants for "Stoichiometric AFR" to 9.76:1? There's also a constant for "Maximum Allowable AFR", any idea what I should set that to for E85?

    Also, can I just change the constant for Initial Spark Advance to get an increase in timing? I'm not looking to go crazy with it just a few degrees I suppose.

    I look forward to getting started!