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3100 in a Beretta swap programming help

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  • 3100 in a Beretta swap programming help

    I have an '89 beretta that I have put a 3100 in, right now I am running the intake and fuel injection from the beretta's 2.8 on the 3100. It is running rich and has a stumble at light throttle application in addition to not giving me the engine's full potential. I am looking for the parts to install the 3100 intake back on the car and then I know that I need a custom PROM. The problem is that I am totally in new territory with custom programming and have no idea where to start. Can anybody give me any tips/tricks/ideas to help getting this thing running right.
    White '89 Beretta GTU with a 3400 under the hood. only a tranzgenic CAI so far!