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    Originally posted by 1QUICKHATCH View Post
    I believe that those 3400's also got the lx9 style PM rods... maybe they got a forged crank too! Lol
    It's very possible. Considering the LX9 and LZ9 share the same stroke as the LNJ and classic LA1 it wouldn't surprise me in the least. the real question is would it be worth it to get the crank and rods from an LNJ to build the LA1 block you already have? I can't answer that but it would be interesting. Unfortunately I don't see a lot of activity around here so it might be awhile before we find out.
    OTOH if anyone out there is interested in the bottom end I'd probably be up to buying the cam to help you recoup some of the cost of a whole engine.


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      I think it's just the three of us at the moment(actively on here) I didn't know the LX9 and LZ9 had the same stroke... learn something new every day! so far, I'm 2 for 2 on forged cranks, both were out of LX9's from G6 GT's, I think both were 2006 models.
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        Spotted an 07 Equinox cam on ebay and bought it. The sprocket mounting pattern doesn't look right in the photo which had me a little worried. After a little more research I saw a three hole non-VVT camshaft sprocket as Melling timing set 3700SC. I'll do some measuring when the cam arrives and then maybe order the timing set.

        Could it possibly be the same bolt pattern as the old iron head timing set?
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