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Throttle cable 3100 RWD

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  • Throttle cable 3100 RWD

    I think I have all the wiring ready to go - now looking at the throttle body and trying to figure a good way to reverse the throttle cable so the cable pulls from the rear instead of from in front of the Throttle body as mounted in FWD car. I have some ideas for making something but would appreciate pics/ ideas from other who have already swapped a 3x00 into a RWD car.


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    I've converted mine to pull from the rear in the past using an S-10 throttle body arm, and it wasn't worth the hassle in the end when you can use a throttle cable from a mid to late '90's Buick. I don't recall the application off hand but it's long enough to wrap around to the front of the throttle body in a longitudinally mounted application.
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      Thank for the info. I have a throttle cable long enough to reach from the front but thought there might be a simple fix to make it pull from the rear. I will probably need to shorten the cable either way.


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        I used one from a 3100 w-body Buick (~2000 ish) in my truck
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          I figured out an easy solution. The bell crank on the TB is steel so I used a grinder to remove the bellcrank from the shaft then rotated the bellcrank 180 degrees and welded it to the shaft. The cable now pulls towards the rear of the car so my throttle cable can go directly from the firewall to the TB.