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7727 ECM connection questions

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  • 7727 ECM connection questions

    After a long break due to moving/work, I'm working on my 3100 V6 Kadett project. Engine/trans/rear axle are in so now I'm working the final bits. I have the 7727 ECM mounted and trying to make sure I have all the connections correct.

    I bought the engine and ECM out of a running sand rail so the wiring harness was already modified to delete some items such as the air pump connections.

    My questions are:

    Pin B10 is shown on some wiring diagrams as connected to 12V hot at all times and ECM pinout lists show B10 as 12V Key on. Not sure which is correct

    Pin A18 (EAS Solenoid) was connected to ground in the previous installation. On the wiring diagram, it connects to the air pump relay and air pump. I don't have the air pump installed in my installation so I'm not sure if I need to connect pin A18 to something or just leave it grounded.

    Pin A20 (fuel pump signal) - Does this provide power to the fuel pump or is it measuring voltage going to fuel pump?


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    Pin B10 - Connected to ignition so that it is hot during run and start.
    Pin A18 - Not unsure why it was previously grounded. I'm not using an air pump so did not connect anything to pin A18.
    Pin A20 - Provides power to fuel pump during purge when key is turned on.


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      Great - thanks for the info.

      car is 90% ready- just finishing odds and ends