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Looks like I need a complete brake overhaul

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  • Question : Looks like I need a complete brake overhaul

    Been getting lazy as I get older and have not serviced the brakes for a good 3 years or more. I know alot of items is going to be rusted, seized or binding. So I do not think just a pad and rotor change will be adequate to get the complete braking system up to 100% functionality. I still need to replace one of the right passenger emergency foot brake cable since the threaded part snapped off when I replaced the rusted front foot cable. Also I think a good brake flush and fluid change is needed too. Is there anything needed for the MC or just look for leaks and leave it alone.
    Winter is coming up pretty fast and I want all this done well before it starts getting cold and working outside on the street is non feasible.

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    okay my parts from rockauto arrived. owning a 25 year old car has it merits when buying parts from rockauto for cheaper than the local scrap yards.
    I got raybestos passenger side brake cable, wagner thermo quiet loaded front calipers, aimco front rotors, 1 wagner rear caliper and 1 kelsey hayes rear caliper, ATE rear rotors and raybestos sure stop rear pads.


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      never buy just the caliper only, get it with the parking brake bracket and parking brake actuator. That torx40 is damn rusted in there for good.