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  • Question : Brake Light Issues

    My 1998 Lumina sedan (3100) has an issue with it's rear brake lights. The two lights in the trunk do not light up, but the one in the rear window lights up. I believe this happened when my daughter bottomed out the car. I noticed the two "rubber bands" hanging down instead of supporting the exhaust. I can't say it happened at that time 100% but I'm pretty sure. Is there a junction where wires split between the trunk and back window?

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    I seem to remember that the High Mount (rear window) and the rear lights are activated separately... I believe the high mount is activated via the Master Cylinder... The rear lights are activated by a switch on the brake pedal assembly... I'd get a test light and check the switch on the pedal... If that's good you can start following the wires and make sure all the connectors are connected and the wires in good shape, not pinched etc... There are a few connections in the trunk....
    Are the turn signals working??
    Good luck....
    Tom B....
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      it is without a doubt the turn-signal switch.... they're a crap design on the 94+ 1st gen and all 1.5 gen w-bodies. you'll sometimes get the brakelamps to work again by applying slight pressure in a certain direction on the stalk(but not enough to engage the signals).
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        I agree with Robert, it's the turn signal switch.


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          It was the turn signal switch. I bought the little $10 pressure plate tool and an aftermarket turn signal switch and it's back to working normal.