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"How to Put on Bullet-Proof Suspension Paint"

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  • "How to Put on Bullet-Proof Suspension Paint"

    As a Contributing Member over at GMT Nation, I started a post over the last month covering "How to Put on Bullet-Proof Suspension Paint" that would be universally useful to anyone interested in doing so on virtually any type, model or brand of vehicle. And since I am in the process of doing a COMPLETE replacement of the Front Suspension of my 1993 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28... I chose to document the job sequentially there on the "Bulletproofing" portion and then segue over to and also here as well to document and memorialize and share "How to R&R of the Front Suspension on the 4th Gen F-Body Carline Series" if any F-Body 660 Enthusiasts would like to observe that process.

    I can't be the first member here who has documented some portion of these procedures... but my situation might provide us all with a huge opportunity to demonstrate as an exemplar model...of what the difference is between the "Old and Busted" 1993 Stock Front End and Brakes when getting a Total makeover with "New Hotness" of the LS1 Braking System. If this has already been well done... Then I'll demure to the posts in existence. Please let me know if these images and procedures can be useful here at I am known as MRRSM over at
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    You write a lot.... but that's great!

    I just skimmed through some of it but I'll be sure to read through it at some point. I would like to freshen up somethings and not worry about them ever again.
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