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93 Olds 4T60 issue

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  • 93 Olds 4T60 issue

    I have a 93 Olds Cutlasss Ciera, after a transmission filter change all I seem to have are reverse and 3rd gear, I didn't see anything that could have been knocked loose when I dropped the pan a second time, just looking for ideas before I drop the pan again in the morning, thanks for any help, Tom It doesn't matter what gear I select with the shifter, it seems to stay in 3rd
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    Well I'm kind of dealing with the same issue with a 4t65e, except I'm slipping in 3rd gear after a pan drop. I have given up on the trans and am looking for a replacement. I know it sucks but it's the way it is sometimes.
    I have a rebuilt 4t60 in my garage if your in Michigan and looking for a deal haha

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      I got mine figured out. The seal for the filter wasn't fully set in the transmission case so it was sucking some air. Found that out when I dropped the pan again to check things out. Pulled the filter, drove the seal the rest of the way in, and put it all back together. Good to go now.